The Farmhouse Company believes in creating a symbiotic relationship with nature. The Company endeavors to design homes and housing estates that are in harmony with the land on which they nest.Taking our inspiration from the site and its natural surrounding, the geography, climate, topography and the natural elements present on site, we believe in creating unique identities for individual projects.

The Farmhouse Company understands the pressing need to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly communities and therefore employ both local material and craftsmen. The Farmhouse Company is a subsidiary of DPN BANSAL BROTHERS.PVT LTD.

We offer Managed Farmhouses...a resort owned by you

Despite the desire to own such an asset, a lot of people decide not to buy because of the logistics and the expense involved in maintaining the property. You can now own a farmhouse in a gated community on the outskirts of Mumbai that is easy to maintain and more secure.

The Farmhouse Company offers the perfect opportunity for those who dream of owning a serene farmhouse that serves as a weekend getaway with the luxury of growing organic fruits and vegetables on their own farm. ur in-house team of horticulturists is on the standby to help you manage your farm.

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